$500 ad
Dino Pizza $3-16

Dino Pizza

Dino Pizza

810 David St.

Marion, Ohio 43302




Super Special

10 Boneless Wings

Five Chicken Breast Strips

Six BBQ Chicken Wings

Six Chicken Wing Dings

Six Hot Buffalo Wings

Six Bread Sticks

(w/cheese or Pizza Sauce)

8oz. Deep Fried Shrimp

Ten Mushrooms

Ten Onion Rings

French Fried Cauliflower w/cheese

Fried Veggies

Deluxe Nacho

Chips topped with taco meat and cheddar cheese with sour cream and tomatoes

Nacho and Cheese

Cheese Fries

Chili Cheese Fries

Cheese Plates                         Small               Medium                       Large

Jalapeno Poppers cream cheese or cheddar

Six           or            Four

Six Mini Corn Dogs

Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Pepperoni Cheese Sticks

Cheese Combo

6 Sticks/6 Poppers



Make any sandwich deluxe $0.35.  Sandwiches served on white or wheat bread or white bun

4oz. Hamburger

4oz. Cheeseburger

4 oz. Pizza Burger

4oz. Charburger

8oz. Hamburger

8oz. Cheeseburger

8oz. Charburger

Club Sandwich

Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise on toast

Grilled ham and cheese


Grilled cheese

Roast beef

Hot or Cold ham

Big T

Breaded Veal

Big bologna

Big bologna w/cheese


Shredded Chicken




Giant               Large               Medium           Small               Individual

Available Toppings:    pepperoni, meatballs, ground beef, ham, Canadian bacon, bacon, taco beef, salami, onions, green pepper, mushrooms, black olives, green olives, hot peppers, pepperoncini, jalapeno peppers, and anchovies



All Dinners include: Choice of Potato, Choice of Salad, Hot Roll and Butter


2 Piece Walleye Dinner

½ lb. Fried Shrimp Dinner

3 Piece Chicken Dinner

6 Piece Wing Ding Dinner

Seafood Delite Dinner

Seafood, Clams & Perch

Open Faced Roast Beef Dinner


Italian Dinners

All Dinners include: Tossed Salad and Garlic Bread


Your choice of: Meatballs, Meat Sauce or Mushrooms in butter sauce


Veal Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan



Add cheese to any salad $0.75 extra

Small/Large Chef

Small/Large Tossed

Tub of Cole Slaw

Tub of Potato Salad

Tub of Macaroni Salad



All subs include: your choice of pizza sauce, Italian dressing, or mayonnaise; choice of American, swiss, hot pepper or mozzarella cheese.  Topped with lettuce, onion & peppers


8 inch Italian sub

bologna, salami, ham & Your choice or toppings

8 inch meatball sub

8 inch turkey sub

8 inch roast beef sub

8 inch pizza sub

pepperoni, sausage, pizza sauce, cheese, mushrooms, onions & peppers

8 inch ham & turkey sub


Super Value

16 inch super subs


Side Orders

French Fries

Cajun Fries

Steak Fries

Curly Fries

Baked Potato

Hash Browns

Potato Skins w/cheese & bacon bits

2 or 4

$500 ad


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