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Donatos $4-15


Great Beginnings

Buffalo Wings

Plain, Mild, Hot, BBO, Garlic

Chicken Breast Strips

BBQ, Ranch or Honey Mustard Dipping sauce

Italian Breadsticks

Cheese Sauce 75¢ or Garlic Sauce 50ct

Three Cheese Garlic Bread Wedge Fries

Cheese Sauce 75¢

(5) $4.19 (10) $7.49 (25) $17.49 (4) $3.89 (8) $6.69 (20) $15.99 (2) 99C   (6) $2.49 $2.89

(Side) $1.79    (Full) $2.79  (Party) $9.99

Leafy Love

Chicken Harvest Entree Salad    $6.99  (Party) $23.99

Romaine lettuce with roasted chicken breast, bacon, fresh crisp apples, honey roasted pecans and cranberries with an apple cider vinaigrette

Italian Chef Entree $5.99 (Party) $21.99

Italian Garden Side Salad $2.49 (Party) $19.99

Harvest Side Salad $2.99 Marzetti Salad Dressings:

Donatos House Italian, Lite Italian, Honey French, Buttermilk Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Apple Cider Vinaigrette. Extra dressing packet 25¢


Tender crust is filled with pizza topping and smoked aged provolone cheese and formed into a stromboli for easy dipping and eating.

Pepperoni $4.49 Three Meat $4.49 Deluxe $4.49 Create Your Own (Up to 3 ingredients) $4.49

Oven-Lover Subs

ON OUR DELICIOUS ARTISAN ROLL White or Wheat • Lunch till Late Night

Big Don Italian $5.59

Ham, salami, provolone cheese, hot peppers, Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce and house Italian dressing With sausage Add $1.25

Turkey Club $5.99

Sliced turkey, ham, provolone cheese, applewood smoked bacon strips, Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce and mayonnaise

Roast Beef & Provolone $5.99

Roast beef, yellow onions, green peppers, mushrooms, provolone cheese, Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce and mayonnaise

Chicken Bacon Cheddar $5.99

Sliced chicken, applewood smoked bacon strips, provolone and cheddar cheese, Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce and mayonnaise

Meatball $5.99

Family-recipe meatballs, aged provolone cheese and pizza sauce

fresh Vegy $5.59

Yellow onions, green peppers, mushrooms, hot peppers, provolone cheese, Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce, house Italian dressing

Create Your Own Pizza

                                    Ind.                  Med.                Lg.

Single Topping          $4.09               $10.39             $13.29

Additional Toppings    $.65                 $1.45               $1.75  

Extra Cheese





Ground Beef Chicken Breast Meatballs Anchovies Garlic

Roma Tomato Mushrooms Black Olives Green Olives

Green Peppers Yellow Onion Hot Peppers Almonds

Jalapeno Peppers Pineapple Fresh Spinach Fresh Mozzarella

SIGNATURE PIZZAS                                                    Ind.        Med.          Lg.
Pepperoni™Loaded Edge To Edge® with the finest pepperoni. $4.09 $10.39 $13.29
Serious™ CheeseNatural provolone cheese Edge To Edge® $4.09 $10.39 $13.29
The Works™Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions $5.09 $13.49 $16.69
Serious Meat™Pepperoni, sausage, ham, ground beef, bacon $5.09 $13.49 $16.69
Founder’s Favorite®Pepperoni, sausage, ham, hot peppers $5.09 $13.49 $16.69
Chicken Vegy Medley™Chicken breast, Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, cheddar cheese, white sauce $4.99 $13.49 $16.69
Classic Trio®Pepperoni, mushroom, sausage $4.99 $13.19 $16.29
Hawaiian™Ham, pineapple, almonds, cinnamon $4.99 $13.19 $16.29
Mariachi™Choice of ground beef or chicken breast with jalapeno peppers, Roma tomatoes, cheddar and provolone cheese, Mariachi Spice. Side of sour cream. $4.99 $13.19 $16.29
Vegy™Roma tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, yellow onions, green olives $4.99 $13.19 $16.29
BBQ Chicken™Chicken breast, provolone and cheddar cheese, yellow onion on a smoky barbecue sauce $5.09 $13.49 $16.69
Pepperoni Zinger™Start with our famous pepperoni add Fresh Mozzarella and a special blend of spices for a little added Zing! $4.99 $13.19 $16.29
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™Pepperoni, Fresh Mozzarella, mushrooms, sausage, basil $5.09 $13.49 $16.69
Margherita™Our famous thin crust is lightly brushed with oil and topped with Fresh Mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, basil, Romano parmesan blend $5.09 $13.49 $16.69
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™Fresh Mozzarella, roasted all-white meat chicken, roasted garlic, $5.09 $13.49 $16.69

*Roma tomatoes and Fresh Spinach atop our famous thin crust, and Romano parmesan blend, lightly brushed with oil

 1181 Mt. Vernon Avenue  Marion, OH 43302
(740) 389-3009
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