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The Jerzee $2-7

The Jerzee


Jer-zee Drive In

923 E. Center St.

Marion, Oh 43302



Soft Serve                                                                           Fancy Specialties

Clipper                                                                                  Turtle sundae

Cones                                                                                   Brownie treat

Dipped cones                                                                    Buckeye sundae

Krunch Kote                                                                       Strawberry shortcake

Sundaes                                                                               Parfaits

w/whip cream                                                                   Fruit

w/nuts                                                                                 Snickers

w/banana                                                                           Nutty Fudge

w/ coconut                                                                         Reece cup

w/cherry                                                                             Cheesecake

Dishes                                                                                   Banana Splits

Pints                                                                                      Topsy Turvy

Quart                                                                                    Deluxe Boat

Half Gallon                                                                          Double Topsy

Waffle Cone

Twin Cone                                                                           Sandwiches

Shredded chicken

Drinks                                                                                   BBQ Beef

Soft drinks                                                                          Fish Filet

Slush                                                                                     Sausage

Iced Tea                                                                               Hamburger

Lemonade                                                                          Cheeseburger

Frozen Drinks                                                                    Bahama Mama

Milkshake                                                                           King Size Hot Dogs

X-thick shake                                                                     Coney

Malted shake                                                                    Coney works

Orange Blossom                                                               Plain

Sodas                                                                                    Mustard/Catsup

Floats                                                                                    Must/cat/relish/onion

Glaciers                                                                                                Plain no bun

Slush Freeze                                                                      Any Sandwich

Smoothie                                                                            w/cheese


Noveltie                                                                              w/tomato

JZ Bar                                                                                    w/extra coney

Tally Ho Sandwich                                                            w/kraut

Nutty Fudge Bar                                                               pizza

Novelty Cone                                                                    chips

Novelty Dish                                                                      nacho w/cheese

Frozen Banana

Frozen Banana w/nuts                                                  Soft Drinks


Shake and Malt Flavors                                                 caf. free diet pepsi

Chocolate            Orange-Pineapple                           sierra mist

Strawberry         Banana-Orange                                                Root beer

Pineapple            Peanut butter                                   Moutain dew

Coffee                  Butterscotch                                      Dr. Pepper

Lime                      Butter Pecan

Lemon                  Crème de Mint                                 Slush Flavors

Rootbeer             Black Raspberry                                                Grape                                   Coffee                  Blue Rasberry

Mocha                  Cherry                                                  Strawberry                         Lime                      Cotton Candy

Hot Fudge           Blueberry                                            Cherry                                  Orange                 Sour Green Apple

Cocnut                                                                                  Red Rasberry                     Lemonade          Pina Colada


Clipper Flavors

M&M                    Mint Chocolate chip                        Hawaiian Fantasy                             Banana Cream Pie

Reese Cup          White house cherry                        NY Cheesecake

Heath                    Turtle                                                    Choc. Cover Cherry

German Choc.   Nerds                                                    Choc. Covered Banana

Banana Split       Whoppers                                           Snickers

Oreo                      Cookie dough                                    Kit Kat

Butterfinger       Nestle’s Krunch                                                Reese’s Pieces


One Comment

  1. PROS: An old time favorite, a rock in our community. Friendly staff, good food. Always serving vanilla, chocolate and twist and then 2 specialty soft serve flavors (hard ice cream is not served here). They have their version of a competitor’s Blizzard called a “Clipper” which is okay. The coney dogs (in my opinion) are the best around (no beans, just actually a footlong covered in their sloppy joe). Lot parking (as opposed to using the street parking).

    CONS: Numerous people park on the street up against the side of the building or in the bank parking lot. This is very, very hazardous as the JerZee is on the corner of one of the main streets going into and out of Marion. I have seen far too many near accidents of cars backing out in front of cars turning onto the street. Also, many people walking off the curb into the street enjoying their cones while almost being plowed down by cars turning into this well traveled boulevard. Kindly use the attached parking LOT to avoid fatalities while enjoying your treats!

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