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The Thirsty Turtle

The Thirsty Turtle


The Thirsty Turtle

1300 Delaware Ave

Marion, Ohio 43302


Thirsty turtle, burger, restaurant

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Thirsty Turtle, burger, pizza, restaurant

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  1. When are you opening? Your menu looks fantastic, can’t wait to try!

    • They are now open!!!!

  2. I think I will try a BEER first!!! lol

  3. That Jamaican Jerk chicken sounds awesome. And the Italian Panini…Yummy sounnding..Have to stop by soon.

  4. I hear only good things from people who have been there. Hope to go soon

  5. I would order the B4 Burger.

  6. I would order the jumbo skins and bacon burger

  7. Mmmmmm jerk chicken

  8. I would order the Bacon Burger!!!

  9. all looks good, but have to try the bacon burger

  10. Can’t wait to come in and try, I thought it was just a bar!

    • I would try the Super Steak! Sounds awesome!!!

  11. i would order a salad. it is amazing that you can build your own.

  12. I would go for the potato skins 1st!!

  13. Great food, great staff, consumer crowd was wonderful, awesome dining experience.

  14. Your food is fantastic! I have highly reconmmended you to all my friends and family!!!

  15. Texas Taters!!!!!!!

  16. Terrible choice. The positive comments above are people who have not been there yet. Dry bread ,overcooked meat and bad service . The 5 onion ring for $2 deal is mind blowing. Eat first because you will be hungry after this. Luckily it wont be around long.

    • If youre going to bash a restaurant youve obviously never visited, you should at least be enough of a man to use your real name, pussy. I wonder what subpar bar and grill you work for.

  17. We are going there again tonite (4th time) each time we try something new & have loved it all. And where in Marion can you find a beer selection like the Thirsty Turtles? We & all our friends love it!

  18. I’ve seen mixed reviews about this place, so last night I decided to check it out for myself. All I can say is Great Job! This is a new style of place to Marion (I work in Columbus but live here, so I’m used to it), and it would be a shame to see a few people unfairly label this place because they have no class or style. It was a great experience. It’s the perfect size for its location, the staff was great, the server’s were great, the menu was great. Wake up Marion Ohio, don’t ruin a good thing because you don’t see it every day. Keep an open mind. If you are looking for a $2 burger and 12-pack of natty light, this is not the place for you.

  19. Service was good.

    I ordered a chicken sandwich and fries. Sandwich was great. Fries were burnt, consistency of pretzels. Must be desperate to serve burnt fries.

    Music was good.

    Draft selection was poor.

  20. Good food. Good value. Visit often. Highly recommend for Marion.

  21. Great place! The staff is very nice and they know their menu well. They have a wide variety of draft beer. Great Job!

  22. I ordered the Shrimp and oyster Po Boy and sweet potato fries.
    They were out of oysters so my Po boy came with just shrimp which is how I order it at other restaurants anyway. The shrimp was seasoned well and cooked properly but the sandwich desperately needed more Remoulade sauce. The bread was a little dry. Overall, the sandwich needed a little more ingredients to compare to the Po Boys I have got from other restaurants.
    The sweet potato fries were cooked perfectly but no dipping sauce is available. Other restaurants I have had sweet potato fries almost always served them with a sour cream based sauce…they really need to start offering a signature sauce for these fries.
    The waitress did a fantastic job so I would rate the service a excellent.
    I like to see local restaurants do well so I will likely visit again but I really hope they can improve on the Po Boys and come up with a good sweet potato fries dipping sauce…if they can do those two things, I will be there often.

    • VERY good Reuben sandwich…maybe the best I have ever had anywhere!
      The chips served with the sandwich are house made and very good also…I am surprised more restaurants don’t do this.
      A good french baguette would improve the Po Boy sandwich sandwich and since they have a few New Orleans style items, it would be nice to see them add a muffaletta to the menu.

      Great to see a different type of restaurant in Marion!

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